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I'm just curious to know how long have this herring can been sitting there if its label is written in some dead language. Ymir Fritz have died, remember, her soul was then split up between nine original titans. However, we cannot exclude the reincarnation as one of the elements that could enlight the connection between original Ymir Fritz and Lady Ymir, as we know her from the beginning of the story. I think it's more plausible that after Ymir Fritz died, her mind was reincarnated maybe multiple times into some other form of Ymir. True, but even incarnation doesn't explain how that Titan knew the face of the incarnated original Ymir and bowed down to her lookalike when our Ymir was supposed to be 10 years old when she was first turned into a Titan. Unless, she revealed herself from that age to be an incarnation of Ymir Fritz and provided proof of never heard info to her people and were all caught and sent to Paradis just like Grisha and Dina.
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Ymir Fritz | Attack on Titan Wiki | Fandom

The origins of the Titans was a huge mystery in Attack on Titan as the series delved into where they came from. When discussing the origins of the Titans, the name Ymir Fritz name seems to pop up in its history. As the series dug deeper into Ymir, fans were provided a look at where she came from and what links her to the world of Attack on Titan. Ymir had a tough life during her existence in Eldia.
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What if Ymir Fritz...

Unbeknownst to Eren, and all those who live within his walled world, their ability to transform into Titans is a genetic feature unique to the Eldian race, who are also known as the Subjects of Ymir. Who is Ymir? Whether or not she was given a fantastic gift by a benevolent god or made a demonic deal with a devil, forever cursing her progeny, depends on if you get your history from the Eldian or Marleyan nations.
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This article is about the first of all Titans. For the th Training Corps graduate, see Ymir. Thirteen years after awakening her power, she died protecting the king; her corpse was then forcibly cannibalized by their daughters, Maria , Rose , and Sheena. Her powers then split into what eventually came to be known as the Nine Titans.
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